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Help for advertisement/offer forums

In most areas it is possible to initiate, free of charge, advertisements with a run time of upto 6 months.

If you discover an area of interest not covered here please let us know.

Operation Elements

Although the operation is extremely easy the following explanation is provided:

Input Requirements.

To enable responses to your advertisements it is imperative that a correct return address be provided. It is absolutely necessary that at least one of the following 3 items is provided:

Additional info may be input and will be automatically included in your advert eg. you can input telephone number with first or second names in the block reserved for name.

To guarantee fairness all advertisement are automatically limited to 20 lines or 1000 digits.

Please remember that the only text formatting tool recognized by the internet is the enter key (new line), all other will be ignored.

Test your email address and re-read your advertisement prior to mailing. Also remember that person responding to adverts/offers in the commercial forums would sooner have a direct postal partner rather that an impersonal email address.

If you realize, after initiating, that your have made mistakes in the advertisement just click on [Erase Advert]. This will immediately delete the advert. At this point you may return via your browser "back" button to the incorrect form and make the appropriate changes.

Photo Adverts are currently not available.

Anonymous Adverts

Anonymous advertisements are available in most forum areas:

Your email address, to which replies are forwarded, remains secret, does not appear in your advertisement and cannot be accessed in any other way.

You can input further information as you see fit.

Minimum input requirements are: email address, advert title and text as required.

Technical Info:
The validity of your email address is not verified by us. Therefore it is very important, if you want to receive replies to your adverts, to ensure your email address is correct.


You, of course, personally responsible for the content of your advertisements.

SUSI Information Services retains the right to remove, without warning, any advertisements that are out of alignment with the forum contents, of illegal content, contravene accepted standards of morality and decency, obviously do not contain the truth or are in accordance with internet jargon "spam".

Please do not misunderstand the above statement, the removal of advertisements on our part are not censure, but rather, a necessity to insure worlwide availability of a free service.


The available forum areas are free of charge and accessible to the general public. In the commercial forum "time is money" to many long and boring details can also be tiresome in the leisure forum.

Therefore all users, of each forum, are requested to keep all input short and to the point.

To assist in assuring the above all advertisements are limited to 20 lines or 1000 characters.

Extension of Adverts.

An advertisement may be extended if you have a registration number and a security code.

An advert that has been deleted due exceeding time limitations can still be recalled and reinstated. This must, however, be done by manually entering the advertisement registration number.

If you extend an advert it is not moved to the top of the ad list but remains in its original list position. It is therefore sometimes better to write a new advert, therebye entering the top of the listing, than to extend one.

It is not possible to extend a manually deleted advertisement.

Deletion of Adverts

To be able to delete an advertisement you will need both a registration number and a security code. Both are obtained when you initiate an advertisement. The registration number is a part of each advertisement. Security numbers are randomly assigned and only available to the person initiating the advertisement.

Normally it will suffice to only keep a record of the security code as the registration number is provided at the beginning of each advertisement and only needs to be clicked on to activate.

Please remember the only person able to delete an advertisement is the person with the security code. So keep it safe.

Due to technical reasons it is possible that older advertisement will not delete ie. message reports incorrect security code. In such instances please contact SUSI and we will ensure deletion.

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